Christmas tips

5 tip top Solutions to help with Stress this Christmas!

Jokes aside, Christmas can be a mixed bag. Everything from the budget, to the gifts, to the making sure the new vegan in-laws are being fed correctly to the bickering that can go along with the holiday season. Here are some simple tips to help reduce stress for the Christmas season.

  • Be realistic, if some family members don’t get on very well year-round, it’s unlikely they will do at Christmas.


  • Avoid touchy subjects. Politics and religion come to mind. Being aware of the things likely to light the fuse in certain family members gives you a chance to avoid talking those topics. And if they do come up, maybe distract and/or try and move onto different subjects.



  • Try and relax, whilst this isn’t easy to do, especially if there’s a lot to be done, techniques such as deep breathing or focussing on your breath can help to dissipate some stress and anxiety.


  • Physical activities for family members, such as going for a walk, can mean arguments are less likely. Plan for activities for after dinner, if necessary.



  • Stress can lead to self medication with alcohol or eating food particularly high in sugar. Do remember that these are short term fixes and don’t alleviate stress in the long term.

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